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Kaerrtorp – vigilante justice in Sweden?

Sunday, December 15 the network Linje 17, denoting line 17 in the Stockholm subway, arranged a  demonstration in the Stockholm suburb of Kaerrtorp. The invitation says there are also other organizers from the neigborhood. As we can see of the invitation, the goal of Linje 17 is to prevent nazis to use the subway line 17. Is it a reasonable conclusion that this is a network of kids or extremely childish grown-ups? Groups of young people in gang wars of the kind you normally have when you are 7 years old?

About 200 people arrive to this demonstration. After a while about 30 members of the Swedish Resistance Movement(SMR) arrived at the scene. This is a militant right wing organisation. At the same time it became obvious that members of the Revolutionary Front(RF) were at the scene. The revolutionary front is a militant left wing organization.

These videos show the events unfolding in the center of Kaerrtorp, and how the SMR members where chased into the woods by the vigilantes. Here is one more video.

This picture shows how the police is trying to protect the SMR members from the vigilantes.

It is difficult to tell the main participants apart, but the activist group that mainly stays together and have shields is the SMR members. The activists fighting with white flagpoles are RF members.

What the demonstration repeatedly shouts would in English be “No nazi’s in our neighborhood”. When they are stopped by the police they shout what would be “Pig stop!”

My conclusion is that what we see is vigilante justice. The demonstrators created their own new law prohibiting SMR to be in this public place, and is enforcing it by violence.

International and Swedish media describes this as a peaceful demonstration attacked by the SMR. The RF presence is not at all acknowledged in the media.

In this statement all Swedish parties represented in the Stockholm county condemns political violence and harassment, specially mentions SMR, and does not mention RF or any other violent organizations. My interpretation is that they call for everyone to go out and demonstrate against racism and xenophobia.

Many of our leading politicians will participate in a huge demonstration in the same place next Sunday.

The discussion shows that the police were warned of clashes in Kaerrtorp, but didn’t react by assigning enough people.

This is election year. The new Swedish Democratic(SD) party, accused by other parties of racism and xenophobia, now has about 10% in the polls. Did the politicians deliberately create the clashes to create opposition against them? Do they want to create such a threat that SD is unable to find representatives?

How can the Swedish politicians and the Swedish press totally ignore the violent left wing participants in the demonstration? How can leading Swedish politicians take part in a demonstration with the aim of denying some inhabitants the human right of being in a public place? How can they demonstrate together with organisations with the goal of denying some inhabitants the right to use public transportation? How can they demonstrate together with the violent left wing organisations?

The Lundsberg Boarding School, Comments

The Lundsberg boarding school is generally considered one of the best and most attractive schools in Sweden, see for example this article. The school results as measured by the grades given to the students and their graduation frequency are well above average. The school is considered by the students as excellent and with extremely low levels of any kind of harassments. The numbers can be verified here. The standard investigation performed at all schools in Sweden and officially used to investigate the schools was performed by an external party.

The headmaster says he has reported all possible crimes during the last nine years after very many allegations about crimes not being reported. He says none of the reported crimes has even led to prosecution. I have been able to find information about three of these possible crimes, of four still uninvestigated at the police. It is a girl who felt forced to take off her own bra, a student who got bruises on his arms in a fight and two students who got burns from an iron. Only one of these two students was sent to hospital but was sent home the same day. Many Swedish schools have a high rate of serious crime.

The allegations against the school does not concern the school and its organisation but the behaviour of the students in their dorms where each student has a private room. The allegations come from intimate interviews with students. Information from these interviews have been reported and made public on the Internet. Allegations about mobbing, bullying and abuses come from these interviews.

This is the investigation clearing the school of allegations this spring. This is the recent investigation used as ground for closing the school.

Should the school inspection inspect the school organisation or the student behaviour when they are not in school? Did the school inspection violate the integrity of the school and the students? Should it be legal ground for closing schools that some school inspectors think students have been abused and think that the school did not do enough to prevent it? Should actual convictions for criminal abuse and convictions of the school for their responsibility in this criminal abuse be necessary to close a school?

The Swedish school system is in a crises after reports from universities about new students not understanding the teachers presentations in Swedish. This concerns students born and raised in Sweden. School results in international measurements are falling. Teachers have so many administrative burdens they have little time to prepare for classes. Problems with getting enough order in the classroom to allow learning are widespread.

The failure of the Swedish school system is generally blamed on our private schools. The allegations say the private schools get the best students and that this is the reason the county schools are bad. The private schools have better results. Parents and students are more satisfied. Research says if a private school is established in a region, not only does it get better results than the county schools, the county schools also get better results. The allegations thus seem false but they dominate the public opinion. A law allowing only nonprofit schools is widely discussed.

The private schools get more and more students and the existence of the county schools are now threatened. Lundsberg is one of these private schools. Does proponents of public schools now work together to get the very successful private schools stopped?

The three Swedish national boarding schools are supported by special laws. They get special subsidies. Students are allowed to pay fees covering lodging. Swedish private schools which get state funding are normally not allowed to charge students. The government is working on a change which would remove the subsidies and stop the possibilities to charge students. The national boarding schools would have to survive as private schools. Private schools which may well be prohibited in the near future.

Our liberal/conservative government is discussing nationalisation of the county schools. The reform some years ago of moving responsibility for primary schools and high schools to the counties is questioned and will possibly be reversed.

Does the government want to motivate the change of laws about the national boarding schools? Does it want to prepare public opinion for nationalisation?

The Lundsberg boarding school seems like a kind of power centre for the national elite. Is our liberal/conservative government attacking this elite? Does it support globalist interests against national elites?

In Sweden jealousy and hate against rich people is widespread and very appearant in the debate about Lundsberg.

Is jealousy, hate and political interest the only reasons behind the closure of Lundsberg?

Why is our liberal/conservative government considering close to total nationalisation of the school system after the success of private schools in Sweden and the failure of public schools?

Is our liberal/conservative government supporting a globalist interest of strict control of the school system to use it for indoctrination?

The Swedish Sexual Molestation Law

Penal Code, Chapter 6, Section 10

“A person who, otherwise than as previously provided in this Chapter, sexually touches a child under fifteen years of age or induces the child to undertake or participate in an act with sexual implications, shall be sentenced for sexual molestation to a fine or imprisonment for at most two years.
This also applies to a person who exposes himself or herself to another person in a manner that is likely to cause discomfort, or who otherwise by word or deed molests a person in a way that is likely to violate that person’s sexual integrity.”


Swedish for sexual molestation is “sexuellt ofredande”. A typical crime is touching someones behind.

The Swedish Rape Law

An analysis of the Swedish rape law.

Penal Code, Chapter 6, Section 1

“A person who by assault or otherwise by violence or by threat of a criminal act forces another person to have sexual intercourse or to undertake or endure another sexual act that, having regard to the nature of the violation and the circumstances in general, is comparable to sexual intercourse, shall be sentenced for rape to imprisonment for at least two and at most six years.

This shall also apply if a person engages with another person in sexual intercourse or in a sexual act which under the first paragraph is comparable to sexual intercourse by improperly exploiting that the person, due to unconsciousness, sleep, intoxication or other drug influence, illness, physical injury or mental disturbance, or otherwise in view of the circumstances in general, is in a helpless state.

If, in view of the circumstances associated with the crime, a crime provided for in the first or second paragraph is considered less aggravated, a sentence to imprisonment for at most four years shall be imposed for rape.

If a crime provided for in the first or second paragraph is considered gross, a sentence to imprisonment for at least four and at most ten years shall be imposed for gross rape. In assessing whether the crime is gross, special consideration shall be given to whether the violence or threat was of a particularly serious nature or whether more than one person assaulted the victim or in any other way took part in the assault or whether the perpetrator having regard to the method used or otherwise exhibited particular ruthlessness or brutality.” (Chapter 6 of the Swedish Penal Code 1962:700)


I will simplify the analysis by only considering a few cases, the cases where there is some kind of violence or a helpless state of sleep, and some kind of sexual act. This gives a matrix of four cases.

The violence necessary is stated like this “ett betvingande av den andres kroppsliga rörelsefrihet” (Prop 2004/05:45), which means you hold someone so that her possibilities to move freely is limited or move some part of her by force. It could be illegal even if she doesn’t resist.

The sexual act could be penetration of the womans vagina by the mans sex, which would give a normally aggravated crime, or that the mans genitals only touches the womans genitals, which would give a less aggravated crime (RH 2010:6).

The less aggravated crime would give a sentence of up to four years of prison. The normally aggravated crime would give a sentence of two to six years in prison.

In many cases word stands against word. In case the court has no reason not to believe the woman, it will (Newsmill:Pelle Billing). The more serious the abuse, the higher the compensation.


An example of a less aggravated crime is that the mans genitals touches the womans when she is asleep.

An example of a normally aggravated crime is that the mans sex penetrates a womans vagina when she is asleep.

An example of a less aggravated crime is that the mans genitals touches the womans when he is holding her in some way. She doesn’t have to resist.

An example of a normally aggravated crime is that the mans sex penetrates a womans vagina when he is holding her in some way. She doesn’t have to resist.


Touching the genitals of a woman that you are holding steady or who is asleep with your genitals can give up to four years in prison.

Having sex with a woman that you are holding steady or who is asleep when you start can give two to six years in prison.


As we can see the line between normal sex and rape is subtle or non-existent, the sentences are long, the compensations high and there doesn’t have to be any crime, it’s enough that the court believes the woman when she says there was one.

The reasons for the current crisis

Because of changes to money markets and agreements of tariffs and trade the world is no longer divided into different markets in the same way as it was. China, India and the US are basically on the same markets for very many products. Nothing prevents the labor in China and India from in the long run getting an education as good as that of the US workers. This means the prices of labor will be the same. If the wages are the same China and India will each have an economy about 5 times as big as the US economy. The US will lose it’s current position as the worlds dominating economy.

What we see now is that China is taking back it’s historic position as a dominating economic power. Leveling of the wages can occur by wage changes in the US and in China, or by adjustments of the values of the US Dollar and the Yuan. US came under high pressure from competitive forces, but did not lower or not manage to lower the value of the US Dollar. An internal devaluation with lowering prices of assets, labor and products then began. When the prices of the housing markets fell the banks lost money. When banks lose money it means their lending goes down very much more, maybe tenfold. Because of decreased lending we now got a shortage of dollar, and an upward pressure on the US dollar. This is called a negative feedback cycle. Instead of going down to effectively lower the US wages, make the US more competitive and normalize the situation, the dollar is pressed upwards, which makes the situation worse.

Now the US is trying to normalize the situation by increased public spending. This is like if parents employ their unemployed children. The wages of the children are effectively zero, because they will inherit less. Unemployment is lower but family income is low. It is better to get the children to work for someone else, even if their wages are not very high.

So, it seems the US should try to get the dollar down to increase it’s competitiveness, decrease unemployment and stop living on loans.