The Uncorrupt Bureaucracy

The uncorrupt bureaucracy is a hierarchical organisation structure  where the managers work for the organisation, not for themselves.

One of my theories about how to create this organisation form is that managers should be like the other employees, in a role where they are supposed to reach agreements with the members of their group about the work. If they are not able to reach an agreement there is a conflict resolution mechanism to assure that the decision taken is in the best interest of the organisation as a whole. The conflict could be solved in a group with labor union and principal representatives, for example. The manager could be allowed to take temporary decisions, valid until the conflict is resolved.

According to my experience, in the corrupt bureaucracy, the persons recruited are nearly always less powerful than the recruiting manager – younger, less experienced, less educated and/or less intelligent. Most often the person recruited is also less powerful than everyone in the group or at least less powerful than all involved in the recruitment process.

In the uncorrupt bureacracy we should instead recruit the best person for the job. We should try to assure that the recruiters and the persons involved in the recruitment are not able to, through politics, manipulate the process so that the person recruited is less powerful than they are.

My best idea of how to do this is to use carefully selected recruiters and senior, very intelligent experts in the field to take the hiring decision.

It is important that the recruiter is able to see people as they are, without manipulating the picture to suit his own personality. I think the recruiter must also be an experienced and very intelligent person with a good education. I think his skills as recruiter should be approved by experts.


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