Kaerrtorp – vigilante justice in Sweden?

Sunday, December 15 the network Linje 17, denoting line 17 in the Stockholm subway, arranged a  demonstration in the Stockholm suburb of Kaerrtorp. The invitation says there are also other organizers from the neigborhood. As we can see of the invitation, the goal of Linje 17 is to prevent nazis to use the subway line 17. Is it a reasonable conclusion that this is a network of kids or extremely childish grown-ups? Groups of young people in gang wars of the kind you normally have when you are 7 years old?

About 200 people arrive to this demonstration. After a while about 30 members of the Swedish Resistance Movement(SMR) arrived at the scene. This is a militant right wing organisation. At the same time it became obvious that members of the Revolutionary Front(RF) were at the scene. The revolutionary front is a militant left wing organization.

These videos show the events unfolding in the center of Kaerrtorp, and how the SMR members where chased into the woods by the vigilantes. Here is one more video.

This picture shows how the police is trying to protect the SMR members from the vigilantes.

It is difficult to tell the main participants apart, but the activist group that mainly stays together and have shields is the SMR members. The activists fighting with white flagpoles are RF members.

What the demonstration repeatedly shouts would in English be “No nazi’s in our neighborhood”. When they are stopped by the police they shout what would be “Pig stop!”

My conclusion is that what we see is vigilante justice. The demonstrators created their own new law prohibiting SMR to be in this public place, and is enforcing it by violence.

International and Swedish media describes this as a peaceful demonstration attacked by the SMR. The RF presence is not at all acknowledged in the media.

In this statement all Swedish parties represented in the Stockholm county condemns political violence and harassment, specially mentions SMR, and does not mention RF or any other violent organizations. My interpretation is that they call for everyone to go out and demonstrate against racism and xenophobia.

Many of our leading politicians will participate in a huge demonstration in the same place next Sunday.

The discussion shows that the police were warned of clashes in Kaerrtorp, but didn’t react by assigning enough people.

This is election year. The new Swedish Democratic(SD) party, accused by other parties of racism and xenophobia, now has about 10% in the polls. Did the politicians deliberately create the clashes to create opposition against them? Do they want to create such a threat that SD is unable to find representatives?

How can the Swedish politicians and the Swedish press totally ignore the violent left wing participants in the demonstration? How can leading Swedish politicians take part in a demonstration with the aim of denying some inhabitants the human right of being in a public place? How can they demonstrate together with organisations with the goal of denying some inhabitants the right to use public transportation? How can they demonstrate together with the violent left wing organisations?

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