The Lundsberg Boarding School, Comments

The Lundsberg boarding school is generally considered one of the best and most attractive schools in Sweden, see for example this article. The school results as measured by the grades given to the students and their graduation frequency are well above average. The school is considered by the students as excellent and with extremely low levels of any kind of harassments. The numbers can be verified here. The standard investigation performed at all schools in Sweden and officially used to investigate the schools was performed by an external party.

The headmaster says he has reported all possible crimes during the last nine years after very many allegations about crimes not being reported. He says none of the reported crimes has even led to prosecution. I have been able to find information about three of these possible crimes, of four still uninvestigated at the police. It is a girl who felt forced to take off her own bra, a student who got bruises on his arms in a fight and two students who got burns from an iron. Only one of these two students was sent to hospital but was sent home the same day. Many Swedish schools have a high rate of serious crime.

The allegations against the school does not concern the school and its organisation but the behaviour of the students in their dorms where each student has a private room. The allegations come from intimate interviews with students. Information from these interviews have been reported and made public on the Internet. Allegations about mobbing, bullying and abuses come from these interviews.

This is the investigation clearing the school of allegations this spring. This is the recent investigation used as ground for closing the school.

Should the school inspection inspect the school organisation or the student behaviour when they are not in school? Did the school inspection violate the integrity of the school and the students? Should it be legal ground for closing schools that some school inspectors think students have been abused and think that the school did not do enough to prevent it? Should actual convictions for criminal abuse and convictions of the school for their responsibility in this criminal abuse be necessary to close a school?

The Swedish school system is in a crises after reports from universities about new students not understanding the teachers presentations in Swedish. This concerns students born and raised in Sweden. School results in international measurements are falling. Teachers have so many administrative burdens they have little time to prepare for classes. Problems with getting enough order in the classroom to allow learning are widespread.

The failure of the Swedish school system is generally blamed on our private schools. The allegations say the private schools get the best students and that this is the reason the county schools are bad. The private schools have better results. Parents and students are more satisfied. Research says if a private school is established in a region, not only does it get better results than the county schools, the county schools also get better results. The allegations thus seem false but they dominate the public opinion. A law allowing only nonprofit schools is widely discussed.

The private schools get more and more students and the existence of the county schools are now threatened. Lundsberg is one of these private schools. Does proponents of public schools now work together to get the very successful private schools stopped?

The three Swedish national boarding schools are supported by special laws. They get special subsidies. Students are allowed to pay fees covering lodging. Swedish private schools which get state funding are normally not allowed to charge students. The government is working on a change which would remove the subsidies and stop the possibilities to charge students. The national boarding schools would have to survive as private schools. Private schools which may well be prohibited in the near future.

Our liberal/conservative government is discussing nationalisation of the county schools. The reform some years ago of moving responsibility for primary schools and high schools to the counties is questioned and will possibly be reversed.

Does the government want to motivate the change of laws about the national boarding schools? Does it want to prepare public opinion for nationalisation?

The Lundsberg boarding school seems like a kind of power centre for the national elite. Is our liberal/conservative government attacking this elite? Does it support globalist interests against national elites?

In Sweden jealousy and hate against rich people is widespread and very appearant in the debate about Lundsberg.

Is jealousy, hate and political interest the only reasons behind the closure of Lundsberg?

Why is our liberal/conservative government considering close to total nationalisation of the school system after the success of private schools in Sweden and the failure of public schools?

Is our liberal/conservative government supporting a globalist interest of strict control of the school system to use it for indoctrination?

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